Bye Bye Morons

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Hilarious French comedy at its most side-splitting! A marvelous mix of intrigue, wild thrills, laughs and human spirit.

When 43-year-old hairdresser Suze finds out that she’s seriously ill, she decides to go looking for a child she was forced to abandon when she was only 15. On her madcap bureaucratic quest she crosses paths with JB, a 50-year-old man in the middle of a burnout, and Mr. Blin, a blind archivist prone to overenthusiasm. The unlikely trio set off on a hilarious and poignant helter-skelter journey across the city in search of Suze’s long-lost child.

Director: Albert Dupontel
Cast: Virginie Efira, Albert Dupontel, Nicolas Marié, Jackie Berroyer, Phillippe Uchan, Michel Vuillermoz
Genre: Comedy
Rated: M
Consumer Advice: Mature themes
Run time: 1h 27
Language: French
Subtitles: English
Year of Release: 2021

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