June Again

Girls School


If Claudia Karvan didn’t get your attention, how about Play School alumni Noni Hazelhurst and Stephen “Dale dug a hole” Curry? All three Australian acting legends come together in this heart-warming tale of family.

A woman experiences a medical miracle, after which she only has a few days to bring together her estranged children, save the family’s wallpaper business and rekindle an old flame.

Director: J.J. Winlove
Cast: Noni Hazelhurst, Claudia Karvan, Stephen Curry, Nash Edgerton, Uli Latukefu, Otis Dhanji, Darren Gilshenan, Pip Edwards
Genre: Drama | Comedy
Rated: M
Consumer Advice: Coarse language
Run time: 1h 39
Year of Release: 2021

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