Willy's Wonderland

Girls School


No doubt about it, a supernatural thriller with beloved cinema legend and oddity, Nicolas Cage, is always going to be a good time and the good sir does not disappoint in this rampaging and bizarre horror set in a fun park. When his car breaks down, a quiet loner agrees to clean an abandoned family fun center in exchange for repairs. He soon finds himself waging a war against possessed animatronic mascots while trapped inside Willy’s Wonderland.

Director: Kevin Lewis

Cast: Nicolas Cage, Emily Tosta, Beth Grant, Ric Reitz, Chris Warner, Kai Kadlec, Caylee Cowan

Genre: Horror | Comedy

Rated: MA 15+

Consumer Advice: Strong horror themes and violence

Run time: 1h 30

Language: English

Year of Release: 2021

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